Idea,writer and director: Nasim Ahmadpour
Actor: Naz Shademan
Sound designer: Farshad Fozouni
Picture: Shahram Mokri
Director assistant: Reza Asadi,Arian Lotfalian
Sound recordist : Reza Asadi
Planning management: Abes Kholghi
Photographer: Raoofeh Rostami

About the performance:
Using other media, specifically Cinema, this performance represents a challenge to the popular meaning and concept of monologue, in which normally a person talks to him/herself.
In this show, a woman builds a dialogue with herself as she changes her seats on two sides of a desk constantly. The live video of the woman is to be watched on a screen simultaneously; as the result, the monologue of the woman turns into a dialogue between two women.
The text is mainly based on “Trust Me” written by John Updike and there are references to “Monologue” written by Harold Pinter, “The Strongerˮ written by August Strindberg and “Geri’s Gameˮ, an animated film by Jan Pinkava.

Iran Artist’s House,Monoleev Festival,Tehran-Iran 2012