(A cooperative project between Don Quixote Theatre Group and Mass&Fieber)
Writer: Brigitte Helbling-Nasim Ahmadpour
Dramaturgy: Aydin Alinejad- Nasim Ahmadpour
Director: Niklaus Helbling-Ali Asghar Dashti

Actors: Silvester von Hösslin, Nicole Steiner , Mareike Sedl, Dominique Müller, David Berger Ramin Sayardashti, Farbod Farhang ,Mina Doroudian, Arash Bozorgzadeh, Abbas  Habibi, ,Shahab Anousha,

Music:Martin Gantenbein, Silvan Jeger, Farshad Fozouni
Scenic designer: Anja Hertkorn, Marie Holzer, Ali Asghar Dashti
Poetry of three scenes: Ali Shams
Costume designer: Anja Hertkorn, Mozhgan Eivazi
Sound designer: Mike Hasler
Technical director: Peter Affentranger
Video and Graphic: Elke Auer, Hamideh Sadeghieh
Lightning designer: Björn Salzer
Assistant director: Katharina Wiss,Shahab Anousha
Mask: Davoud Rashidi
Photographer: Raoofeh Rostami
Iranian classical music advisor and backing vocalist: Hassan Aghighi
Subtitle: Sahar naz Parsa
Production manager: Lena Trummer
General managers: Niklaus Helbling,Martin Gantenbein
Project managers in Iran:Nasim Ahmadpour,Ali Asghar Dashti
Interpreter by international correspondences: Anita Alimadadi
Public relations in Iran: Mansoureh Besmel

About the performance:
This show is a co-operation between Switzerland and Iran and is based on exchanging the myths of these two countries. In this project, Iran took the Swiss hero "Wilhelm Tell" to the stage and Switzerland the Iranian myth "Zahhak".
"Tell" is a liberal Swiss hero who rebels against the tyrant of his time. The villainous governor who tries to harm Tell forces him to shoot an apple from his boy’s head. Tell succeed and later revenges himself on the governor...
"Zahhak" is the villainous governor of Iran, on whose shoulders grow two snakes because of being deceived by the evil. Zahhak has to state their hunger by supplying them with human brains for food every day. Meanwhile "Kaveh" appears as an Iranian popular hero and fights against Zahhak and dethrones him.

Altdorf-Switzerland (August-September 2012)
Zürcher Theater Spektakel,Zurich-Switzerland (September 2012)
31th Fadjr International Theatre Festival,Theran-Iran (January 2013)
Theater der Künste Zürich, Switzerland (February 2013)