Café Shop/Interior/Night

Writer: Mehdi Mir Mohamadi- Ali Asghar Dashti- Yunes Lotfi
Scenic designer and director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Music: Farshad Fozouni
Costume designer: Mozhgan Eivazi
Director assistant: Mohammad Babavand- Hadi Amel
Dramaturg: Mehdi Mir Mohamadi
Director advisor: Yunes Lotfi- Nasim Ahmadpour
Stage manager and stage assistant: Mohammad Babavand
Lightning designer: Mehdi Mir Mohammadi
Poster and brochure designer: Farhad Fozouni
Photographer: Masoud Pakdel- Mehdi Baghaian
Make up designer: Amir Ghaderi
Make up: Amir Ghaderi- Bahareh Asadi
Film Taking: Mohammad Shahpiri
Advertisement affairs:Abbas Habibi
Actors: Hedaiat Hashemi- Ali Gholipour- Neda Maghsudi- Arash Bozorgzadeh- Yunes Lotfi- Abbas Habibi- Ramin Saiardashti- Shahrzad Vojdani

About the performance:
In a rainy night, different people enter a Café whose owner is a woman. The woman is in love with the man who comes to the café every day. It rains so heavily that no one can leave the café. All of the costumers stay there until dawn. A girl enters the café and a game begins amongst them trying to win the girl’s heart. The story ends when the vagabond commits suicide outside the café.
The play combines contemporary realism in theatre with some of the Tazieh’s  visual techniques.

International Iran Zamin Theatre Festival,Ahwaz-Iran  2004
Theatre Hause,Tehran  2004