Shabih Khani of the little prince

(Based on the Little Prince written by Saint-Exupery)
Poems: Mohammad Motlagh  
Scenic  designer and director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Technical set designer : Ali Reza Beiraghi- Aram Jabari Moghadam
Costume designer: Mozhgan Eivazi
Director  assistant: Masoud Hejazi Mehr
Director advisor: Yunes Lotfi- Nasim Ahmadpour
Dramaturg: Mehdi Mir Mohamadi
Poster and brochure designer: Siamak Ehsai- Davud Mantegh
Second Director assistant and stage assistant: Mohammad Babavand
Music: Abbas Salehi-Bahram Yahiaei
Stage manager: Maryam Moradi
Make up designer: Afsaneh Gholizadeh
Mask: Afsaneh Gholizadeh
Advertisement affairs: Abbas Habibi
Photographer: Masoud Pakdel- Akhtar Tajik- Ali Agha Rabi- Azadeh Adibi
Actors: Hassan Aghighi- Ali Aghighi-Homeira Mazaheri- Yunes Lotfi- Ramin Saiardashti- Masoud Hejazi Mehr- Hedaiat Hashemi- Meisam Amir Aslani

About the Performance:
The little prince who has a falling-out with a flower leaves his planet, he travels to six different planets, the seventh happens to be Earth. At the end, he decides to return to his own planet.
The story of the Little Prince is entirely in verse. The poems have been composed in Iranian traditional style and are song out in different modes existing in the traditional music of Iran.
Tazieh's techniques have been combined with secular and modern stories. The stage is round and consists of small platforms, which transform itself into different planets with help of few elements. The characters in this play have either positive or negative roles just like in Tazieh. The characters, which seem to the Little Prince good, sing their parts and the negative roles recite their poems. The Little Prince goes a full circle around the stage in order to enter a new planet.

12th Ritual-Traditional Theatre Festival, Tehran-Iran 2004
New Theatre Hall-City Theatre Complex, Tehran 2003