(Based on a tale in Elahi-Nameh written by Attare Nayshaburi)
Writer and director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Scenic and costume designer: Ali Asghar Dashti
 Music: Saeed Nabai- Bahram Yahiaei
Director Assistant: Masoud Hejazi Mehr
Director advisor: Yunes Lotfi
Stage manager/assistant: Maryam Moradi
Poster and Brochure designer: Sarhang Atelier
public relations: Vahid Saeedi
Photographer: Maryam Mohammadi- Sara Shahrudi- Akhtar Tajik
stage painter: Maryam Moradi
Actors: Mehrdad Hejazi Mehr- Masoud Hejazi Mehr-Meisam Amir Aslani-Hassan Aghighi- Iman Zoghi- Ali Aghighi- Hosein Aghighi- Ali Sorur- Ali Reza Bagheri- Yunes Lotfi

About the Performance:
A man goes on a pilgrimage to Mecca leaving his wife in his brother’s custody. The brother tries to rape his sister in law. She manages to escape, he accuses her of adultery and she is to be stoned to death. She runs away. On the way three men attempt to do the same thing. She escapes again and builds a house of worship; all four men become blind, paralyzed, and come to her house of worship.
The original story is in verse and so is this play. The play is performed with the techniques of Tazieh which are singing and story telling.
11th Ritual-Traditional Theatre Festival, Tehran 2001
Sangelaj Theatre Hall,Tehran 2001