Mesopotamia’s Tales"2016


Mesopotamia’s Tales

Writing and Directed by Ali Shams


Dariush Movafgh

Sam Kabudvand

Ramin Sayardashti

Arash Bozorgzade

Arash Falahatpishe

Farzin Mohades

Asghar Piran

Hashem Azarhava

Hamid Darbani

Alireza Ardestani

Producer : A.H.Shafiee

Consulting Director : Aliasghar Dashti

Music: Mohamad Reza Keyvani

Costume designer : Elham Shabani

Graphic : Mohammad Shams

Make up Designer : Samin Salek

Assistant Director :Behzad Rahmanpoor, Hosein Bonyad , Milad Shahabi

Photography : Mehdi Ashna


Office Press : Ruhollah Zandifard

Mesopotamia’ Tales has Parodic view on 3 consecutive period of Mesopotamia’s civilization

34th Fajr International Theater Festival 2016

Iranshahr Theater (Samandarian Hall)  Winter Season 2016

Humans Farm"2015

Humans Farm

Written and Directed by  Ali Shams

Italian Translator : Parisa Nazari

Consultant Director :  Asghar Dashti

Cast :

 Piero Cardano

Cloudio Cotugno

Parisa Nazari

Aleandro Fusco

Assistant Director : Magali Stendler . Behzad Rahmanpoor

Composer and engineering  sound : Mohamad Reza Keyvani

Graphic : Mohamad Shams

Lighting designer: Leonardo Dotorelli

Scenography: Ali Shams

Costume Designer : Mandana Ansari

Photographer: Mehdi Ashna

Video : M.Baghi

33th Fajr International Theater Festival  Baran Theater 2015

Sala Uno Theater Rome, Spring Season 2015

City Theater of Tehran  ( Saye Hall), Autumn Season 2015

Dal Khutainamak"2012


Dal Khutainamak

Writer and Director : Ali Shams

Producer : Shahroo Kheradmand


Aleandro Fusco

Claudia Ionescu

Javad khodai

Italian Translator: Parisa Nazari

Assistant  Director : Magali Estendler

Music : Gabriele Dora

Mask Designer: Mandana Ansari

Graphic: Mohammad Shams

Photografer : Ali Asgari

Salauno Theater, Rome, March 2012

Tordinona Theater, Rome June 2013

Theatrical – Ritual experience on base of Persian and Italian Languages. a glance of   Oedipus and Rostam and Esfandyar ( Book of King)

Specific Contact"2013


Specific Contact

Written and Directed by: Ali Shams


Reza Molai

Vahid Aghpoor

Javad Namaki

Elham Shabani

Consulting Director: Ali Asghar Dashti

Assistant Director: Saeid Zare

Stage Manager: Hadi Eskandari

Press Office: Zahra Shayanfar, Firuze Keynia

Graphic : A. Akhondzade

Photography : Mehdi Ashna

City Theater of Tehran, Autumn Season 2013

Spesific Contact is about Hamid Samandarian ,Great Persian theater director when he was compelled open Restaurant after cultural revolution in 1980 .

If you’re traveling one of the nights of Tehran"2010


If you’re traveling one of the nights of Tehran

Written and Directed by: Ali Shams


Vahid Aghapoor

Sam Kabudvand

Arash Falahatpishe

Ali Berenjian

Ruhollah Kamani

Azita Setude

Elham Shabani

Pejman Abdi

Mojtaba Darbandi

Ahmad Samimi

Narretor: Siamak Safari

Consulting Director: Ali Asghar Dashti

Assistant Director: Pejman Abdi

Stage Manager : Saed Zare , Amin Vahidi poor

Graphic : A.Akhondzade

Costume Designer: Mandana Ansari

Composer :Mohamad Reza .Keyvani

Photography: Mohamad Mohebi

Khhane Nnamayesh (Theater Huose) Spring  Season 2010

Best Play Best play in the writing   competition traditional and ritual festival, 2013

Hand & Leg Seller (A street theatre)

Writer and director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Set and costume designer: Ali Asghar Dashti
Actor: Iman Zoghi

About the performance:
A man whose clothes are covered with employment advertisements, is still looking for a job.
Fadjr International Theatre Festival,Tehran 1999

Amorous Conversation of Two Policemen behind the Red Light (a street theatre)

Writer and director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Scenic and costume Designer: Ali Asghar Dashti
Actors: Iman Zoghi - Yunes Lotfi

About the performance:
Two insane men ,who believe to be policemen, are  having  romantic conversations with their imaginary lovers behind the red light.

Fadjr International Theatre Festival,Tehran-Iran 2000

Broken Tent (A street theatre)

Writer and director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Puppet designing and making: Ali Asghar Dashti
Music: Saeed Nabai- Bahram Yahiaei
Actors and Puppeteers: Iman Zoghi- Ali Reza Bagheri- Ali Sorur- Habib Shakuri- Meisam Amir Aslani- Yunes Lotfi

About The Performance:
The owner of a puppet show invites some puppeteers to have a performance in his tent. The unhealthy competition between the puppeteers causes the destruction of the tent. They all mourn over the broken tent at the end.
This play is written to be performed on the street, like a Comic Tazieh (satire) and the whole play is in verse.
International Festival of Puppet Theatre,Tehran 2000
International University Festival of Puppet Theatre,Tehran 2000


(Based on a tale in Elahi-Nameh written by Attare Nayshaburi)
Writer and director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Scenic and costume designer: Ali Asghar Dashti
 Music: Saeed Nabai- Bahram Yahiaei
Director Assistant: Masoud Hejazi Mehr
Director advisor: Yunes Lotfi
Stage manager/assistant: Maryam Moradi
Poster and Brochure designer: Sarhang Atelier
public relations: Vahid Saeedi
Photographer: Maryam Mohammadi- Sara Shahrudi- Akhtar Tajik
stage painter: Maryam Moradi
Actors: Mehrdad Hejazi Mehr- Masoud Hejazi Mehr-Meisam Amir Aslani-Hassan Aghighi- Iman Zoghi- Ali Aghighi- Hosein Aghighi- Ali Sorur- Ali Reza Bagheri- Yunes Lotfi

About the Performance:
A man goes on a pilgrimage to Mecca leaving his wife in his brother’s custody. The brother tries to rape his sister in law. She manages to escape, he accuses her of adultery and she is to be stoned to death. She runs away. On the way three men attempt to do the same thing. She escapes again and builds a house of worship; all four men become blind, paralyzed, and come to her house of worship.
The original story is in verse and so is this play. The play is performed with the techniques of Tazieh which are singing and story telling.
11th Ritual-Traditional Theatre Festival, Tehran 2001
Sangelaj Theatre Hall,Tehran 2001

Shabih Khani of the little prince

(Based on the Little Prince written by Saint-Exupery)
Poems: Mohammad Motlagh  
Scenic  designer and director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Technical set designer : Ali Reza Beiraghi- Aram Jabari Moghadam
Costume designer: Mozhgan Eivazi
Director  assistant: Masoud Hejazi Mehr
Director advisor: Yunes Lotfi- Nasim Ahmadpour
Dramaturg: Mehdi Mir Mohamadi
Poster and brochure designer: Siamak Ehsai- Davud Mantegh
Second Director assistant and stage assistant: Mohammad Babavand
Music: Abbas Salehi-Bahram Yahiaei
Stage manager: Maryam Moradi
Make up designer: Afsaneh Gholizadeh
Mask: Afsaneh Gholizadeh
Advertisement affairs: Abbas Habibi
Photographer: Masoud Pakdel- Akhtar Tajik- Ali Agha Rabi- Azadeh Adibi
Actors: Hassan Aghighi- Ali Aghighi-Homeira Mazaheri- Yunes Lotfi- Ramin Saiardashti- Masoud Hejazi Mehr- Hedaiat Hashemi- Meisam Amir Aslani

About the Performance:
The little prince who has a falling-out with a flower leaves his planet, he travels to six different planets, the seventh happens to be Earth. At the end, he decides to return to his own planet.
The story of the Little Prince is entirely in verse. The poems have been composed in Iranian traditional style and are song out in different modes existing in the traditional music of Iran.
Tazieh's techniques have been combined with secular and modern stories. The stage is round and consists of small platforms, which transform itself into different planets with help of few elements. The characters in this play have either positive or negative roles just like in Tazieh. The characters, which seem to the Little Prince good, sing their parts and the negative roles recite their poems. The Little Prince goes a full circle around the stage in order to enter a new planet.

12th Ritual-Traditional Theatre Festival, Tehran-Iran 2004
New Theatre Hall-City Theatre Complex, Tehran 2003