Café Shop/Interior/Night

Writer: Mehdi Mir Mohamadi- Ali Asghar Dashti- Yunes Lotfi
Scenic designer and director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Music: Farshad Fozouni
Costume designer: Mozhgan Eivazi
Director assistant: Mohammad Babavand- Hadi Amel
Dramaturg: Mehdi Mir Mohamadi
Director advisor: Yunes Lotfi- Nasim Ahmadpour
Stage manager and stage assistant: Mohammad Babavand
Lightning designer: Mehdi Mir Mohammadi
Poster and brochure designer: Farhad Fozouni
Photographer: Masoud Pakdel- Mehdi Baghaian
Make up designer: Amir Ghaderi
Make up: Amir Ghaderi- Bahareh Asadi
Film Taking: Mohammad Shahpiri
Advertisement affairs:Abbas Habibi
Actors: Hedaiat Hashemi- Ali Gholipour- Neda Maghsudi- Arash Bozorgzadeh- Yunes Lotfi- Abbas Habibi- Ramin Saiardashti- Shahrzad Vojdani

About the performance:
In a rainy night, different people enter a Café whose owner is a woman. The woman is in love with the man who comes to the café every day. It rains so heavily that no one can leave the café. All of the costumers stay there until dawn. A girl enters the café and a game begins amongst them trying to win the girl’s heart. The story ends when the vagabond commits suicide outside the café.
The play combines contemporary realism in theatre with some of the Tazieh’s  visual techniques.

International Iran Zamin Theatre Festival,Ahwaz-Iran  2004
Theatre Hause,Tehran  2004

Don Quixote

(Based on Don Quixote written by Miguel de Cervantes)
Writer: Ali Gholipour
Idea and director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Music:Farshad Fozouni
Scenic designer: Ali Asghar Dashti
Costume designer: Mozhgan Eivazi
Poster and brochure designer,animation: Abolfazl Mohtarami
Director assistant:Hadi Amel
Director advisor: Nasim Ahmadpour
Titles: Mehdi Mirmohammadi,Abolfazl Mohtarami
Synchronous Editting: Keivan Raghib Motlagh
Film-Taking: Mehdi Mirmohamadi,Hesameddin Maghamikia
Stage manager: Marzieh Hosseini
Stage assistant:Mohammad Babavand,Ali Hashemi
Photographer: Gelareh Kiazand
Advertisement affairs: Vahid Saeedi
Don Quixote celebration arrangements: Khosrou Mahmoudi

Actors: Arash Bozorgzade- Hedaiat Hashemi- Yunes Lotfi- Javad Pourzand- Leila Saiareh- Ramin Saiardashti- Masoud Shaikhi- Khosrou Mahmoudi- Somaieh Asgari- Negar Abedi- Abbas Habibi- Mohammad Pouia- Ramoona Shah- Hamid Rezazadeh- Ali Hashemi- Hadi Peyvand
(in Fadjr Festival performance, Kambiz Amini Played Sancho Panza)

About the performance:
Don Quixote begins his heroic journey along with Sancho Panza. The priest and his son, the student, compete with each other to bring Don Quixote back home.
In this performance, “Tazieh” techniques and the rules of soccer have been combined. The play is in prose, not in verse. Don Quixote is a satire in which some roles are played by more than one actor, also throughout the play the actors are exchanged just like the athletes in a soccer match.

23th Fadjr international Theatre Festival 2004
Ghashghaei Theatre Hall,City Theatre Complex,Tehran 2005
Asian Arts Festival,Barselona,Madrid-Spain 2005


(Based on Pinocchio written by  Carlo Collodi)
Dramaturg:Nasim Ahmadpour
Director:Nasim Ahmadpour,Ali Asghar Dashti
Music: Farshad Fozouni
Lightning designer: Atila Pesyani
Scenic designer: Nasim Ahmadpour
Costume designer: Mozhgan Eivazi
Poster and brochure designer: Farhad Fozouni
Lightning designer assistant: Hamed Safaei
Director assistant: Ali shams
Photographer: Raoofeh Rostami
Designer of the recorded dialogues: Hamed Safaei
Make-up designer: Sepehr Goodarzi
Actors: Naz Shademan,Khosrou Mahmoudi,Yunes Lotfi,Arash Bozorgzadeh,Ramin Sayardashti,Abbas Habibi, Elham Shakib,(Farzin Mohades and Hedaiat Hashemi by some performances)

About the performance:
Pinocchio leaves Geppetto’s house and begins a journey. He comes back to Geppetto finally. These two sentences that are derived from Collodi’s Pinocchio have been combined with other characters, stories as well as films and etc. in a way that the performance atmosphere on the contrary to the original story is not childish anymore. There is no common type of narration in the play and there are used minimum numbers of words to convey meaning. Light, music and moves play here instead the main role.

26th Fadjr International Theatre Festival,Tehran 2008
Ghashghaei Theatre Hall,City Theatre Complex,Tehran 2008
Ruhr Theatre, Mulheim-Germany (2008)

Molla Nasreddin

Dramaturg: Nasim Ahmadpour
Director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Music: Farshad Fozouni
Scenic designer: Ali Asghar Dashti
Costume designer: Mozhgan Eivazi
Lightning designer: Karim Javanshir
Poster and brochure designer: Farhad Fozouni
Scenic designer assistant: Ramin Sayardashti
Costume designer assistant: Meghedi Shamirian
Director assistant: Ali Shams
Stage manager:Arezoo Ali
Photographer:Raoofeh Rostami
Stage assistant:Arash Valinejad, Mojtaba Darbandi
Set construction: Reza Akbari, Arash Valinejad
Actors: Negar Abedi,Arash Bozorgzadeh,Hedaiat Hashemi,Ali Shams,Fariba Kamran,Ramoona Shah,Mina Doroudian, Fatemeh Naghavi,Setareh Pesyani,Shahab Anousha,Farbod Farhang, Shima Mahdavi,Abbas Habibi,Arash(Ali)Felahatpisheh,Ramin Sayardashti,Elham Jalali,Maryam Bidokhti, Banafsheh Nejati,Vahid Aghapour, Arash valinejad

About the performance:
Molla Nasreddin’s donkey is looking for Molla Nasreddin, while wandering through some circles. At the end, the donkey turns to Molla Nasreddin that is he is trying to find his donkey walking through the circles. The scene in this performance is designed in a way that audiences sit in center of the stage, while actors play around them. As the result, no one has a complete view of what happens on the stage. There are circles drawn around the audiences and in each circle a particular, famous story or a well known play is being played.

27th Fadjr International Theatre Festival,Tehran  2009
Mowlavi Theatre Hall,Tehran 2009


(Adaptation of scientific, cultural, artistic news)
Idea,writer and director: Nasim Ahmadpour
Actors: Ehsan Karami,Naz Shademan
Picture Montage: Shahram Mokri
Director assistant: Mina Doroudian,Reza Asadi
About the performance:
This play tries to find the theatrical, accepted concept of monologue within daily, routine events. With this aim an actor turns to a newsman and tells the audience scientific, cultural, artistic news for 30 minutes like in the common news programs.
Monoleev Festival,Tehran-Iran 2011

A repertoire of Don Quixote works unveiling Mohsenــ

Idea and dramaturg:  Nasim Ahmadpour
Director: Ali Asghar Dashti
Music: Farshad Fozouni
Costume designer: Mozhgan Eivazi
Video and animation director: Siavash Behnamnejad
Production manager,director assistant and planning manager: Noureddin Heidari Maher
Poster and brochure designer: Farhad Fozouni
Stage manager: Parisa Goodarzi,Anita Alimadadi
Stage assistant: Arash Valinejad
Actors: Shahab Anousha-Arash Bozorgzadeh-Negar Javaherian-Abbas Habibi-Mina Doroudian-Ramin Sayardashti-Naz Shademan-Hassan Aghighi-Fariba Kamran-Ehsan Karami-Banafsheh Nejati-Hedaiat Hashemi

About the performance:
 The show consists of some parts of Don Quixote’s previous performances that come on stage in this order: Mother courage and her children-The Shabih-Khani of The Little Prince-Don Quixote- Pinocchio- Molla Nasreddin-Shahrzad-Galiver.  Videos of street reportages, in which ordinary people are asked about the “Mohsenˮ they know,run  between the theatrical parts.
Chaharsoo Hall,City Theatre Complex,Tehran-Iran 2012

Dal Khutai Namak

Writer and director: Ali Shams
Translator: Parisa Nazari
Actors: Aleandro Fusco, Claudia Lonescu, Javad Khodaei
Music: Reza Taheri
Assistant director: Amir Ansari
Mask designer: Mandana Ansari
Photographer: Ali Asgari
Poster designer: Mohammad Shams

About the performance:
This play is looking for finding a common narrative language between Iranian and Italian culture by using theatrical and ritual sources of both countries. The tragedy of Rostam and Esfandiar is the essence of this play and is more attractive with the epical glance of Ferdowsi.
Teatro Salauno,Rom- Italy
Teatro Tordinono,Rom-Italy 2013


(A cooperative project between Don Quixote Theatre Group and Mass&Fieber)
Writer: Brigitte Helbling-Nasim Ahmadpour
Dramaturgy: Aydin Alinejad- Nasim Ahmadpour
Director: Niklaus Helbling-Ali Asghar Dashti

Actors: Silvester von Hösslin, Nicole Steiner , Mareike Sedl, Dominique Müller, David Berger Ramin Sayardashti, Farbod Farhang ,Mina Doroudian, Arash Bozorgzadeh, Abbas  Habibi, ,Shahab Anousha,

Music:Martin Gantenbein, Silvan Jeger, Farshad Fozouni
Scenic designer: Anja Hertkorn, Marie Holzer, Ali Asghar Dashti
Poetry of three scenes: Ali Shams
Costume designer: Anja Hertkorn, Mozhgan Eivazi
Sound designer: Mike Hasler
Technical director: Peter Affentranger
Video and Graphic: Elke Auer, Hamideh Sadeghieh
Lightning designer: Björn Salzer
Assistant director: Katharina Wiss,Shahab Anousha
Mask: Davoud Rashidi
Photographer: Raoofeh Rostami
Iranian classical music advisor and backing vocalist: Hassan Aghighi
Subtitle: Sahar naz Parsa
Production manager: Lena Trummer
General managers: Niklaus Helbling,Martin Gantenbein
Project managers in Iran:Nasim Ahmadpour,Ali Asghar Dashti
Interpreter by international correspondences: Anita Alimadadi
Public relations in Iran: Mansoureh Besmel

About the performance:
This show is a co-operation between Switzerland and Iran and is based on exchanging the myths of these two countries. In this project, Iran took the Swiss hero "Wilhelm Tell" to the stage and Switzerland the Iranian myth "Zahhak".
"Tell" is a liberal Swiss hero who rebels against the tyrant of his time. The villainous governor who tries to harm Tell forces him to shoot an apple from his boy’s head. Tell succeed and later revenges himself on the governor...
"Zahhak" is the villainous governor of Iran, on whose shoulders grow two snakes because of being deceived by the evil. Zahhak has to state their hunger by supplying them with human brains for food every day. Meanwhile "Kaveh" appears as an Iranian popular hero and fights against Zahhak and dethrones him.

Altdorf-Switzerland (August-September 2012)
Zürcher Theater Spektakel,Zurich-Switzerland (September 2012)
31th Fadjr International Theatre Festival,Theran-Iran (January 2013)
Theater der Künste Zürich, Switzerland (February 2013)


Idea,writer and director: Nasim Ahmadpour
Actor: Naz Shademan
Sound designer: Farshad Fozouni
Picture: Shahram Mokri
Director assistant: Reza Asadi,Arian Lotfalian
Sound recordist : Reza Asadi
Planning management: Abes Kholghi
Photographer: Raoofeh Rostami

About the performance:
Using other media, specifically Cinema, this performance represents a challenge to the popular meaning and concept of monologue, in which normally a person talks to him/herself.
In this show, a woman builds a dialogue with herself as she changes her seats on two sides of a desk constantly. The live video of the woman is to be watched on a screen simultaneously; as the result, the monologue of the woman turns into a dialogue between two women.
The text is mainly based on “Trust Me” written by John Updike and there are references to “Monologue” written by Harold Pinter, “The Strongerˮ written by August Strindberg and “Geri’s Gameˮ, an animated film by Jan Pinkava.

Iran Artist’s House,Monoleev Festival,Tehran-Iran 2012