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What does it mean to be a dancer when dancing is prohibited? How do you feel when forced to refrain from doing something you have dedicated your entire life to?

"Tables" project

“Tables” is a project that includes performances on a common stage. The scene of them all is a table with four chairs and four glasses of water. There are four performers with papers behind the tables. The form of all performances is the same and only the words are different.

“Tables” are non-performances in contemporary Iran, where the concept of performance, what we do, how we do it, and where we do it is a serious challenge.

Behind each table, a “manifesto” is presented and a “documented event” is recorded. “Tables” can continue until the current situation ends.

The “Tables” project started with ” The Report on the Judgment Day ” created by Nasim Ahmedpour in 2023. And whoever directs one of the “Tables” after her will do so on behalf of her.

In the first reading of each performance, real people with their real names sit at the table. Whoever sits next will represent the main people at the next reading.

Our Members

Ali Asghar dashti

Director and Don Quixote supervisor

Nasim Ahmadpour Samani

Dramaturge & writer


Don Quixote Theatre Group aimes to explore new ways of communication with audience by attempting to eliminate some of their prior knowledge while producing a theatre liberated from literature…