Spring 2021

Online Presentation on Zoom platform


 A man who is a radical environmentalist starts living with a simulated robot. The robot gradually develops different aspects of human emotions, and the man falls in love with it. The robot is reset and replaced with another robot because it has access to a huge amount of information. Because the man is in love with the first robot, he rejects the second one.


 About the performance

This play is an adaptation of IKI (a radical human being), A play by the German playwright Kevin Rittebreger.

We performed it online on the Zoom platform by the German embassy’s recommendation. In this performance, the performers are in their personal flats and use their own possessions to perform. Each of the actors individually shows different parts of the play without any help but only their phones.

The edited pictures of different situations in the play make the audience feel like they are a part of the performance.

This performance also has used classical Iranian paintings (miniature paintings) that are mainly romantic themes. This way, we are representing a classical love, at the same time as a modern situation and a love story between a human and a robot.


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