My name is Ali Asghar Dashti

Summer 2017

Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art


Ali Asghar Dashti’s autobiography from his birth to the age of 40. In this autobiography he explains his immigration process from Yazd to Tehran and how he has lost his mother tongue’s accent and has become incapable of articulating his emotions in that accent.

About the performance
It was performed inĀ  Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art, actually Iran’s map, including the name of all the provinces and the exact shape of them , was drawn on the floor.
Dashti stood on the city “Tehran” and started narrating his story with “Tehrani” accent afterwards stood on “Yazd” and narrated his story with “Yazdi” accent this time. He told the audience how he has lost his bond with his mother tongue accent then he asked the audience to share their similar experience if they are willing to do so. The audience who were mostly immigrants from different cities of Iran did the same and the performance was filled with variety of accents and languages.


Performance of Ali Asghar Dashti