Fall 2019



A group of about 20 Iranian young acting students, boys and girls, are going camping in desert. They are trying to find a way to explain their own and also their parents’ life experience, through observing the stars and the concept of black holes.


About the performance

It is a documentary performance shaped based on the biological experience of 20 Iranian young people. In this documentary which is built on the concept of “escape”, they are sharing their experience about the fact that they have been trying their whole life not to behave like their parents in adulthood, but somewhere down the road, they unconsciously started to be the exact copy of them and realized that all these years they were trying to escape, but weren’t successful.

This documentary performance is inspired by black holes. Actors narrate their biological experience and their parents’ behavior and its duplication in their own character, with the help of rotating movements.



Writer: Mohammad Reza Marzoughi

 Director: Ali Asghar Dashti

Producer: Bamdad International House

 Actors (in alphabetical order): Ali Abroghoe, Darioush Ahmadi, Nona Tajdaran, Farzaneh Tousli, Fatemeh Tavakoli, Zahra Khodadoust, Alireza Dastafkan, Bahram Sharqi, Mohammad Amin Amidiyan, Azad Faramarzi, Reyhaneh Farahani, Mohammad Ghorbani, Kimia Ketabdar, Ghazal Masoum Shahi, Maryam Yousefi

Project Executive: Rouhollah Zandifard

 Movement Designer: Mostafa Shabkhaan

 Sound Designer and Composer: Farshad Fozouni

Costume Designer: Shima Mirhamidi

 Lighting Designer: Saba Kasemaie

Video and Technical: Siavash Naqshbandi

Assistant director: Fatemeh Rouzbahani